HSP27 Protein(H30-54G)

HSP27 Protein(H30-54G)

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Description :Recombinant full-length human HSP27 was expressed in E.coli cells using a N-terminal GST tag.

Species :Human

Tag :GST tag

Expression System:E.coli

Sequence :Full Length

Genbank Number :NM_001540

Purity :Sample Purity Data. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Storage, Stability and Shipping :Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Applications :Kinase Assay, Western Blot

Molecular Weight :~52 kDa

Gene Aliases :CMT2F; HSPB1; HSP28; Hsp25; HS.76067; DKFZp586P1322

Scientific Background :HSP27 is a member of heat shock proteins (HSPs) which are synthesized in cells in response to heat shock and other metabolic stresses and provide a transient state of thermotolerance. HSP27 plays a major role in the increased thermal resistance acquired by cells after exposure to HSP inducers (1). The level of HSP27 phosphorylation is significantly elevated after exposure of cells to heat shock, sodium arsenite, IL-1 and TNF-. MAPKAPK2 and MAPKAPK3 are both activated by these conditions and can phosphorylate HSP27 on serine residues (2).

References :
1. Landry, J. et al: Heat shock resistance conferred by expression of the human HSP27 gene in rodent cells. J Cell Biol. 1989 Jul;109(1):7-15.

2. Clifton, A D. et al: A comparison of the substrate specificity of MAPKAP kinase-2 and MAPKAP kinase-3 and their activation by cytokines and cellular stress. FEBS Lett. 1996 Sep 2;392(3):209-14.

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Research Areas :Cancer, p38 Pathway, Cellular Stress, Cancer, p38 Pathway, Cellular Stress