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Description :Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Species :

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Sequence :

Specificity :Recognizes the TRAF2 protein

Cited Applications :WB, ELISA, IHC

Cross Reactivity :Human, Mouse and Rat

Host / Isotype / Clone# :Rabbit, IgG

Immunogen :TRAF2 antibody was raised against a 17 amino acid synthetic peptide from near the carboxy terminus of human TRAF2

Purification :Affinity chromatography

Stability :Store at 4oC (add 0.1% NaN3) for several months, and at -20oC for longer periods. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Sample Data :Western blot analysis of TRAF2 in mouse liver tissue lysate with TRAF2 antibody at (A) 0.5, (B) 1 and (C) 2 ug/ml.

Sample Data :Immunohistochemistry of TRAF2 in mouse liver tissue with TRAF2 antibody at 10 ug/ml.

Scientific Background :TRAF2 (also known as TNF receptor-associated factor 2) belongs to the TNF receptor associated factor (TRAF) protein family that mediates signal transduction from members of the TNF receptor superfamily (1). TRAF2 is involved in TNF-alpha-mediated activation of MAPK8/JNK and NF-kB pathway. TRAF2 interacts with TNF receptors and forms a heterodimeric complex with TRAF1. The TRAF1-TRAF2 complex interacts with IAPs to mediate the anti-apoptotic signals from TNF receptors. TRAF2 also interacts with TRADD, a TNF receptor associated apoptotic signal transducer, to ensure the recruitment of IAPs for the direct inhibition of caspase activation (2).

References :
1. Wajant, H. Et al: The TNF-receptor-associated factor family: scaffold molecules for cytokine receptors, kinases and their regulators.". Cell. Signal. 2001; 13 (6): 389–400.

2. Bradley, J.R., Pober, J.S. Tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factors (TRAFs).". Oncogene, 2001; 20 (44): 6482–9.

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Research Areas :Apoptosis/Autophagy, Cancer, Inflammation, JNK/SAPK Pathway, NfkB Pathway, Cancer, Inflammation, JNK/SAPK Pathway, NfkB Pathway, Apoptosis/Autophagy