Anti-phospho-MEK1/2 (Ser218 Ser222)(M02-652R)

Anti-phospho-MEK1/2 (Ser218 Ser222)(M02-652R)

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Description :Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Species :Rabbit

Tag :

Expression System:

Sequence :

Specificity :Recognizes the MEK1/2 protein phosphorylated at serine 218 and serine 222

Cited Applications :WB

Cross Reactivity :Human, Mouse, Rat, Bovine, Canine, Chicken, non-Human Primate, Xenopus and Zebrafish

Host :Rabbit, IgG

Immunogen :Synthetic phospho-peptide corresponding to amino acid residues surrounding Ser218/222 conjugated to KLH

Purification :Affinity Chromatography

Stability :Store at 4oC (add 0.1% NaN3) for several months, and at -20oC for longer periods. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Sample Data :Western Blot of NIH 3T3 cell lysates showing specific immunolabeling of the ~45kDa MEK 1/2 protein phosphorylated at Ser218 and Ser222. The cells were either serum starved (Control) or incubated in the presence of serum (Serum). Immunolabeling of an additional band at ~95kDa was also observed.

Scientific Background :MEK1 (MAP Kinase Kinase, also known as MKK) is a member of the dual specificity protein kinase family. MEK1 lies upstream of MAPK/ERK and stimulates the enzymatic activity of MAPK/ERK upon a wide variety of extra- and intracellular signals. As an essential component of the MAPK/ERK signal transduction pathway, MEK1 is involved in many cellular processes such as proliferation, differentiation, transcriptional regulation and development (1). This pathway plays a key role in synaptic plasticity in the brain (2). Constitutive activation of MEK1 results in cellular transformation. Thus, MEK 1 represents a likely target for pharmacological intervention in proliferative diseases such as cancer (3). MEK1 can be phosphorylated by MAP kinase at Thr292 and Thr386.

References :
1. Seger, R. et al: The MAPK signaling cascade. FASEB J. 1995 Jun;9(9):726-35.

2. Adams, J P. et al: Molecular psychology: Roles for the ERK MAP kinase cascade in memory. Annu Rev Pharmacol Toxicol 2002 42:135-163.

3. Sebolt-Leopold, J S. et al: Blockade of the MAP Kinase Pathway Suppresses growth of colon tumors in vivo. Nature Med. 1999 5: 810-816.

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Research Areas :Angiogenesis, Apoptosis/Autophagy, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, ERK/MAPK Pathway, Invasion/Metastasis, Neurobiology, Ser/Thr Kinases, Cancer, Neurobiology, Cardiovascular Disease, ERK/MAPK Pathway, Apoptosis/Autophagy, Angiogenesis, Invasion/Metastasis, Ser/Thr Kinases