FMS, Active(C74-11G)

FMS, Active(C74-11G)

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Description :Recombinant human FMS (539-end) was expressed by baculovirus in Sf9 insect cells using a N-terminal GST tag.

Species :Human

Tag :GST tag

Expression System:Sf9 insect cells using baculovirus

Sequence :539-end

Genbank Number :NM_005211

Specific Activity :Sample Kinase Activity Plot. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Purity :Sample Purity Data. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Storage, Stability and Shipping :Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Applications :Kinase Assay, Western Blot

Molecular Weight :~76 kDa

Gene Aliases :CSF1R, CSFR, FIM2, C-FMS, CD115

Scientific Background :FMS is a proto-oncogene that encodes the tyrosine kinase transmembrane receptor for colony stimulating factor 1 (CSF1). FMS is homodimeric that contains a so-called kinase insert domain and is a member of the CSF1/PDGF receptor family of tyrosine-protein kinases. FMS mediates most if not all of the biological effects of CSF1 which control the production, differentiation, and function of cell of the monocyte/macrophage lineage (1). Mutations in FMS have been associated with providing sustained signals for cell growth and a predisposition to myeloid malignancy (2).

References :
1. Sherr, C J.: Regulation of mononuclear phagocyte proliferation by colony-stimulating factor-1. Int J Cell Cloning. 1990 Jan;8 Suppl 1:46-60

2. Follows, G A. et al: c-FMS chromatin structure and expression in normal and leukaemic myelopoiesis. Oncogene. 2005 May 19;24(22):3643-51.

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Research Areas :Cancer, Metabolic Disorder, Cardiovascular Disease, Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases, Cancer, Metabolic Disorder, Cardiovascular Disease, Cytoplasmic Tyrosine Kinases