CDK5P35 Protein(C34-30G)

CDK5P35 Protein(C34-30G)

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Description :Recombinant full-length human CDK5P35 was expressed by baculovirus in Sf9 insect cells using an N-terminal GST tag.

Species :Human

Tag :GST tag

Expression System:Sf9 insect cells using baculovirus

Sequence :Full Length

Genbank Number :NM_003885

Purity :Sample Purity Data. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Storage, Stability and Shipping :Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Applications :Kinase Assay, Western Blot

Molecular Weight :~60 kDa

Gene Aliases :p35, CDK5R1, CDK5R, NCK5A,�p35nck5a

Scientific Background :CDK5P35 is a neuron-specific activator of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) that bind to cyclin to form active holoenzymes that play a pivotal role in the regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle .The activation of CDK5 is required for proper development of the central nervous system. p35 is a regulatory subunit for CDK5 which is proteolytically cleaved by calpain and generating a p25 form that involved in the pathogenesis of cytoskeletal abnormalities and neuronal death in neurodegenerative diseases (1). Cdk/p35 plays a role in primary afferent nociceptive signaling and is required for cortical plate neurons to migrate past preexisting neurons and take up superficial positions to constitute the inside-outside layering order of cortical lamination(2).

References :
1. Patrick, G. Conversion of p35 to p25 deregulates Cdk5 activity and promotes neurodegeneration. Nature 402: 615-622, 1999.

2. Chae, T. Mice lacking p35, a neuronal specific activator of Cdk5, display cortical lamination defects, seizures, and adult lethality. Neuron 18: 29-42, 1997.

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Research Areas :Cancer, Cell Cycle, Cancer, Cell Cycle, Ser/Thr Kinases