Anti-p16INK4A (CDKN2A)(C30-362R)

Anti-p16INK4A (CDKN2A)(C30-362R)

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Description :Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

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Specificity :Recognizes the p16 protein from human tissue

Cited Applications :ELISA, IP, WB
Ideal working dilutions for each application should be empirically determined by the investigator.

Cross Reactivity :Human

Host Isotype / Clone# :Rabbit, Antiserum

Immunogen :The antibody was produced against human p16 protein (missing first 7 amino acids)

Purification :Delipidation and defibrination

Stability :1yr at –20oC from date of shipment

Sample Data :Immunohistochemical analysis of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded human prostate tissue using Anti-p16INK4A (CDKN2A) antibody (1:500 dilution).

Scientific Background :The gene for CDK2NA generates several transcripts/proteins which differ from each other in their first exons. Three of these transcripts are generated by alternative splicing (isoform 1 a.k.a p16INK4A, isoform 2 and isoform 3 a.k.a p12), two of which are known to function as inhibitors of CDK4 kinase. One other transcript that is generated from this gene contains an alternate reading frame (ARF), with the first exon located 20kb upstream of the remainder of the gene (isoform 4 a.k.a. p14ARF, p19ARF, ARF). In spite of the structural and some functional differences, all the proteins encoded by the CDKN2A gene are involved in cell cycle G1 control.

References  :
1. Serrano et al.: Nature. 1993: 366; 704-707.

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Research Areas :Cancer, Cell Cycle