CD19 Protein(C19-35H)

CD19 Protein(C19-35H)

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Description :Recombinant human CD19 (20-291) was expressed in CHO cells using a C-terminal His tag.

Species :Human

Tag :HIS

Expression System:CHO cells

Sequence :20-291

Genbank Number :P15391

Alternative Name(s) :B-lymphocyte antigen CD19; Differentiation antigen CD19; T-cell surface antigen Leu-12

Formulation :Recombinant protein stored in 50mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.0, 300mM NaCl, 150mM imidazole, 0.25mM DTT, 25% glycerol.

Storage and Stability :Store product at –70oC. For optimal storage, aliquot target into smaller quantities after centrifugation and store at recommended temperature. For most favorable performance, avoid repeated handling and multiple freeze/thaw cycles.

Scientific Background :B-lymphocyte antigen CD19 is a type I transmembrane protein present on all B cells and is a dominant signaling component of mature B cells (1). CD19 acts as a critical coreceptor for B cell receptor (BCR) signal transduction by recruiting and amplifying the activation of Src-family protein tyrosine kinases such as Lyn and Fyn (1). CD19 also enhances BCR-induced signaling crucial for B cell expansion through recruitment and activation of PI3K and downstream AKT kinases (1,2). CD19-deficient humans and mice exhibit hypo-responsiveness to transmembrane signals, and weak T cell-dependent humoral responses, leading to an overall impaired immune response (1).

References :1. Wang, K., Wei, G. & Liu, D. CD19: a biomarker for B cell development, lymphoma diagnosis and therapy. Exp Hematol Oncol. 2012, 31:1.
2. Del Nagro, C.J. et al. CD19 function in central and peripheral B-cell development. Immunol Res. 2005, 31(2):119-31.

Purity :Sample Purity Data. For specific information on a given lot, see related technical data sheet.

Molecular Weight :Observed MW ~50-65 kDa. Calculated MW ~31 kDa.

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